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Feng shui derives from chinese culture dating over three thousand years ago. Feng Shui meaning wind and water is the ancient Chinese art of the placement.


The Chinese noticed the energy exchange between objects, humans and the enviroment and they were smart enough to use this to their benefit. They created enviroments which are in harmony, that estimate positive emotions and cognition, that bring clarity, peace and eventually happiness.


Feng Shui is all about creating a feel good factor inside and outside of the house. It doesn't mean decorating with oriental looking items, and doesn't have to be an expensive job.




Yes it can!


Feng Shui has been used by many companies and individuals to make houses more welcoming. When selling a house, this factor alone can make for a quick sale.


Making small changes and applying Feng Shui techniques can often have a positive impact in the buyers.


When you walk into the neatly designed, clean living room, with a touch of bright cheerful colour, you will naturally begin to feel positive and relaxed. Feng Shui provides some easy ways to invite a buyer to buy your house. The criteria that makes their decision to buy a house is based upon the emotional reaction they have towards the space.


If you can make the buyer and their loved one feel better about the space, then you have a better change of selling the house.


Discover what attracts and more importantly puts buyers off


We can guide you and help you.


Here we give you some examples of how feng Shui can help you: 

  • Simple things, make the entrance to the property appealing and inviting to the potential buyer, make them want to come inside.
  • If there is a good view in a room, create an easy path u to the window. Reflect this view in a mirrow. This will enhance the selling point and enlarge the perception of the room.
  • Repair all the leaks and broken pipes, change or repair broken windows and doors, remove the old smelly carpet, etc. Leakings or broken items will put buyers off and they will request you to bring down the price of the house.
  • Make the rooms appear larger by de cluttering. You are selling the space not the furniture and decor, but, do not take all the furniture out of the room "to make it look bigger" keep enough furniture to show how the room can be arranged.
  • Remove personal items.


Bathroom, Kitchen and Bedroom can make or break the sale!


If your house needs any work, we can provide all the services: from gardening to repairing floors, touching up paint to installing lamps. For most cases, it can be inexpensive and causes very little disruption and usually involve items you already have with just a quick freshen up. 


For the majority of the cases, it can be inexpensive and causes very little disruption and usually involves items you already have with just a quick feshen up.Our prices are very competitive


By keeping the service "in house" we can save you money and time!




We will visit your house and we will review the status of the house (first consultation)


After visiting the house, we will send a small report to the seller explaining what jobs can be done and a quote


If the seller decides to go ahead with the jobs we will arrange a meeting with the seller. We will examine the issues and discuss the most effective adjustment (keeping the cost for the seller as low as possible). The final adjustements recommended and agreed by the seller will be practical.


The first consultation, the small report together with the quote are free of charge.




Some clients do. Others take longer. It is important to remember that Feng Shui is not an exact science.


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